How to recover transferred Amex points to an expired Krisflyer account?


I need URGENT advice from the experts and experienced.

My wife transferred 212,000 AMEX points today to her KrisFlyer membership account and then saw that her membership had expired. There was a message there. We were not aware of this else would not have done that.

The next minute we have been on the phone to talk to SIA but nobody is picking up the phone neither is anybody available on chat. Have sent a message through the feedback form but do not think that will be replied even.

The message was dated 02nd July 2020 and said the membership expires on 01/01/2021.

Any chances of either recovering it back or being transferred to any family member’s account? Please advise.

Had toiled hard to earn these points and now this!! Feeling very low…

Thanks and regards.

If the transfer doesn’t go through to the account, then it’ll be returned to AMEX eventually.
I wouldn’t stress too much. The phone line shouldn’t be too busy but do keep trying at different hours of the day to see if it ended up transferring. Worst case scenario is the points get returned.


Thank you so much for your prompt response.

The transfer went through immediately to KrisFlyer account. The surprising fact was that I was even able to logon to my KF account and see the new balance (including 15% bonus) instantly after the transfer. I am just like if my account had expired then why did the points get credited/transferred in the first instance.

Well in the present scenario, yes, even if I am able to receive my points back I’d be happy. Don’t care about the 15% bonus.


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