How to qualify for and use American Express Ultimate travel credit with Qantas?

Will they allow me to book a flight for a friend via my Amex ultimate travel account and use that purchase to qualify for the $450 travel credit?

Also, does the $450 credit need to be used on a flight purchase dated before the yearly anniversary or does the date of travel need to be before the yearly anniversary?

The $450 credit will be applied to your travel account as soon as you have paid the $450 annual card fee and made the minimum payment by the due date. When you log into ‘Travel’ you should see the credit there and when you make your booking it can then be applied.

You can purchase a ticket in anyone’s name as long as it’s through your Amex Travel account and you must make the purchase within 365 days of your card anniversary date. The date of the flight has no relevance.

Awesome. Thanks Bofman.

I think when I initially signed up 11 months ago you had the choice of a return domestic flight or $450 travel credit. To qualify for the credit you had to spend on a Qantas product if I’m not mistaken. But I maybe, though.

I can confirm that you can use your $450 credit to book a flight for another person as I did this myself last week. Note that you must use your Qantas AMEX card when using the credit (it doesn’t let you pay the remaining balance with another card).

I found the pricing on the AMEX travel website to be the same as Qantas website or lower, in fact I actually found business class sale tickets on the AMEX website that were cheaper than the sale tickets on the Qantas website so I received around $600 off the sale price on the Qantas website after applying the credit!

If you log into the AMEX website you can see the expiry date of the flight credit.

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