How to plan a Qantas Oneworld RTW itinerary from Perth?

Hi Points Hack Community!

Just wanted to start by saying thanks to the community for all the helpful information posted through previous posts!

I know I’ve left this late but would I be extremely optimistic to find flights from Perth to Europe in Nov 2023 as part of a one world RTW?

Also any recommendations for a itinerary commencing from Perth?

I’m wanting to cover Europe, South America, North America & Africa!!



I’m sure others would chime in with better tips and advice.

Here is my 2c worth:

Award/reward seats are usually limited in and out of Australia (a bottle neck on any given day). You might want to consider a cheap and cheerful flight from Perth to Singapore/Malaysia/Indonesia and you would generally find much better availability.

Good luck!

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Hey mate,

Thanks for the advice - I’ll continue the hunt!