How to optimise point earn from large business expenses with credit card?

What is my best option Credit card?

I currently am using personal CBA Diamond Awards - have 1 million CBA points, but is only equal to $5250 in Flight Centre money.

I am just starting to look into this and seeing that i am being ripped off quite a bit, if i were to use that money for flights…

Seeing that i buy this much stuff with a credit card, what would be my best option Credit card to use?

oh, and do i opt for Qantas, or Velocity program? What are the differences?


and should i transfer the remaining 1,000,000 points to Velocity now? or do i wait until there’s some bonus transfer program? (i see there is one now, but CBA isn’t on it)


I am not sure what you mean by ‘stock’. Is that shares or stuff you buy on your card each year?

VA or QF is dependent on many factors. Domestic & trans-tasman flying, I think there’s not a huge difference between the two. Other places in Asia and rest of the world, QF outnumbers VA handsomely. Although if you are with Velocity program, you can still earn and redeem points on numerous partners.



Have a look at the highest earning points cards that aren’t Amex.


What surcharge do they charge if you use Amex? This way you are potentially “buying” points.

Depending on the extra charge it might be worth it though you have to do the sums

Anyone know or can help?