How to maximise the benefits from American Express Platinum Card for supplementary card members?

Hi All,

I have a few questions in regards to the American Express Platinum Card, hoping you can help me out!

  1. Can supplementary members bring guests into airport lounges (Virgin Australia lounges, The Centurion lounges, International American Express lounges, Priority Pass lounges, Plaza Premium lounges and Delta Sky Club lounges) if travelling without the main card member? If so, how many guests? Considering you ‘present’ your American Express Platinum Card how would they know that you are a supplementary card member and not a main card member?

  2. I understand that both the main card member and one supplementary card member gain instant elite status with Hilton, Starwood Hotels and Resorts, Radisson and Golden Circle Jade. So how do the main card member and supplementary card member apply for each programs and gain the elite status?

  3. Once the main card member and supplementary card member are Shangri-La Golden Circle Jade members how do they go about upgrading their entry level ‘blue’ Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer account to get instant Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer ‘silver’ level status?

  4. How long does the elite status with the hotels last for?

  5. I understand that Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer ‘silver’ level status would last for a period of 12 months but after that does it renew to the ‘silver’ level status if you still hold the American Express Platinum Card and in turn still have Shangri-La Golden Circle Jade membership ? How do you go about proving this/reapplying for it?

  6. If a supplementary card member applies for their own American Express Platinum Card will they receive the Membership Rewards Bonus Points (currently 80,000) points?

  7. How do you transfer Amex’s Membership Rewards to airline partners?

Thanks in advance!

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Hi Thomas

Yes. 1 guest in Virgin, Priority Pass & Plaza Premium lounge and 2 guests at Centurion & AmEx lounges. My understanding is that no guests allowed in Delta Sky club, but not 100% sure.

Hotel status’s need to be applied by logging into your Amex online account, then go to Platinum benefits and select Hotels.

Once, again, log-in and link your Shangrila account to the Platinum card.

1 Year, but renews each year as long as you hold the Platinum card.

Not sure about no. 5

Yes, they will get the sign-up bonus provided they meet other criteria’s.

Once again, log-in to your account and link your FF numbers to the card. It’s not that difficult.