How to maximise status credits from a RTW trip?

I took advantage of the J-class RTW tickets offered through this website (FYI: Luke Vaughan provides excellent service). Now, I want to maximise the status points earn from each flight for the trip.

Here’s the itinerary (all in J class cabin)

  1. Melbourne - Singapore flying Singapore airlines
  2. Singapore - Zurich flying Swiss
  3. Zurich - London flying Swiss
  4. London - NYC (via Zurich) flying Swiss
  5. LAX - Melbourne (via Auckland) flying Air New Zealand.

Question: What FF program will afford me the best opportunity here to gain the most status credits? I read the guide recently posted by Matt M. but this is a different itinerary so thought I’d see what others suggest.

Thanks in advance.


I am unsure of which FFP would be easiest to achieve Gold status or similar.

However, for crediting revenue flights, check out

Being that the trip is Star Alliance and the trip is all in J class, star alliance has the qualifying miles/elite miles (status) fairly across the board in what they reward to each other’s frequent flyer program Within the alliance, if you were to be flying in discounted economy that’s where there’d noticly be a difference, some might only give 10% of miles flown, some 25% etc.

But being in J booking you should be able to achieve mainly 100% + of miles flown for each sector. will give you the best info on this. With your current itinerary I’m not sure if you’ll be able to achieve Gold as yet.

Choosing the frequent flyer program will come down to yourself and your own preference, I.e how much do you want/need gold status, how often and where you will commonly fly to in the future. Crediting to likes of Turkish Airlines will have you qualify for gold quicker and easier at 40k qualifying miles & its holds for 2 years, but redeeming award flights etc isn’t such a simple process, Thai airways will give you 2 years old gold as well but is a little more difficult to reach at 50k qualifying miles, but they give you a free round trip upgrade.

Then there’s the likes of Singapore Airlines, 50k Miles as well but only holds gold for 1 year, but they have quality reward redemptions on offer, plus if you arnt virgin gold well this will cover for any flights you do with Virgin in the Future do to their reciprocal relationship.

It all comes down to which reward program does it for you, more so than what’s the best, because each and everyone’s frequent flying circumstances are different, I’d think for the future and what your plans could be doing and factor that on. Do you often go to Asia? Or Europe? Or the Americas. Things like this factor into it.

I wish you luck and enjoy the research of what frequent flyer program will do it best for you,