How to maximise Qantas points earn while minimising fees when paying ATO bill?

Hey there,

I’ve got a business tax bill of $67k to pay to the ATO.

Obviously I would like to earn as many points from this transaction as possible, but the costs don’t seem to weigh up.

I’ve got an AMEX Qantas Business Rewards credit card.

I believe these are my options;

  1. Pay direct to ATO with credit card.
    Points: 33,500
    Fee: $950

  2. Pay via B2BPay (
    Points: 67,000
    Fee: $1,650

  3. Bank Transfer
    Points: 0
    Fee: $0

It just seems like the fees associated aren’t worth the points that I’ll get from it. Does anyone have an opinion or recommendation?

Thanks in advance!

It depends on how much Qantas points is worth to you. Right now, you are paying roughly 2.5 cents per point using the B2Bpay option. If you consistently redeem them for international business or first class travel it could be worth it. But if you’re not, then it’s probably better to not earn any points.

I am not sure about ATO but might worth proposing, I recently paid for my immigration visa using my Amex card. Using PayPal instead of directly with credit card saved me almost half of the fees from memory.