How to maximise points earn on JB-Hifi purchase?

I am looking to buy some big ticket items at JB-Hifi but I currently have an NAB Business Visa Card and I was wondering if anyone had some ideas how to max out a $10,000 spend?

Is it worth while to buy gift cards on Qantas site as they have a promotion now 4 Qantas points per $1 spent (and this does not include my points from NAB)

Any other suggestions would be welcome!

Thank you!


Great question. I look forward to some body being able to answer it.  However, the gift cards available have a limit of $250 per card. Is there a limit of how many can be purchased?

Just did a dummy transaction against JB Hi-Fi and it looks like the max transaction value is $5k.  Can’t see why you can’t do more than one transaction!


Hi poojam,

The 4 Qantas point per $ spent on gift card seem to be a good deal.

As long as the people serving you are happy to keep swiping (40 x $250 cards) when you purchase, I think that’s the way to go.

The $5k limit can be negated by doing it in 2 transactions, maybe?