How to maximise points earn on credit cards for free travel to USA or Japan?

Hi all,
Have been reading loads of info on this awesome site, looking to max my points, here are some details, goals and spending levels
Goals: travel to USA or Japan this year for free, or, upgrade to business class
Spend: typically $3k per month, peaks during quarter ends due to BAS (extra $3-$4K depending on the quarter), October for car rego etc…
Existing ff program: qff currently holding 70k points
No existing credit cards directly earn points (currently have a cba diamond card)
Finally, buying a new car this Friday or Saturday for $24k, car surcaharge imposed by the dealer is $625, trying to figure out if it’s worth putting this on my credit card

Which card/program should I opt into? The westpac black card looks best…


Hi Mark,

Firstly, we are not allowed to give out financial advices on choices of credit card, etc.

Assuming your typical annual spend is $60k. Using a high-ish point earn 1.5x, you could get 90k pts per year.

Using the same calculation of your car purchase is 36k pts.

70k+36k=106k pts

70k+36k+90k=196k pts

1 return ticket to Japan in business class costs:

132k Enrich flying Qantas

144k Qantas FF flying Qantas

I would suggest referring to the Master Credit Card Table to make an informed decision. Sign up bonuses are also a quick way to supplement your point balance however be cautious of how this affects your credit score. To have a better understanding of how credit works, check out

Good luck.

Awesome thanks a bunch - this is very useful

Is there a redemption calculator / estimator somewhere on point hacks? The QFF one isn’t spectacular :slight_smile: