How to maximise point earn from mortgage payments?


I am about to come into some hard worked for money. So I need to sort out the best option ASSP.

I want to find a credit card - preferably Velocity but I have Qantas point if best deal.

The idea is to get the card- transfer the money into and use the card to off my mortgage, loans etc.

Perhaps a deal where you get a bonus points and 1 point per dollar spent.

I have read. Few T$C and many have a limit between “per month” or “per billing cycle”.

If I have $X thousands transferred spent on to the specific card and transactions all within four weeks - is there any card out there that will give me 1 4 1 for every dollar I spend uncapped per month ?

All input valuable and not post any acual income figures - just several thousand dollars

This is once in a lifetime so I want to leverage it.

I have

30k velocity points
5k Qantas points


As far as im aware, you cant use credit card to pay mortgage.

Thank you.

Hi Duckie

Thanks for you input, but I already make my monthly mortgage payment via a credit card to manage cashflow and earn points.

I am asking how I can best maximise a large cash amount to maximise points in using that cash to pay things via a points focused credit card. Eg. Can I have a credit card it “credit” and make payments earning points in that transaction. Eg. Some cards have limits and rules.

What would be the best way to maximise point hacking using a credit card in this manner. Ta.

Hi Joe,
Congratulations on attaining that hard-worked-for money!

If you have a way of earning FF points on mortgage and loan repayments (and that doesn’t involve either ridiculously high fees or uncompetitive interest rates), please share it. I’ve never worked out a way to do that.

As for your other questions: “Which credit card is best for me in my specific situation?” is one of the most common questions on this website … and a question which we are not legally allowed to answer. Only you and/or your financial advisor can do that. Look at the credit cards available, look at the sign-up bonuses, read the fine print, and work out which card would work for you.

In general terms … many cards have monthly caps. Some are quite high (eg the Velocity High Flyer has a monthly cap of $8000 before FF-point earning is reduced). Other cards have quite low earning rates. Many of the American Express cards do not have caps at all, and have quite a high points earning rate. Again, though, no-one can advise you on your specific situation.

Sorry to not be of more help. But I must admit I’m intrigued about how you earn points from paying off your mortgage!

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