How to maximise point earn from ATO payments?

I am trying to get my head around if it is worthwhile getting a card to use for ATO spend. My current AMEX would not be worthwhile at .5 velocity points given the surcharge so that got me looking for mastercard/visa option.

Commonwealth Bank Business Awards Platinum American Express & MasterCard looks to be the only real option but I am currently trying to work out if it is worthwhile to get that ($300 annual fee) simply for paying ATO bills.

I did read somewhere that AMEX gives 1.5 Velocity points equivalent per $, but as far as I can see its actually 0.5? Then there is the 1.45% fee plus the annual fee to consider.

MC gives 0.5 velocity equivalent but has the lower fees (approx .46% i think).

The question is, is either worthwhile and if so is 1 better than the other.

I would probably use the MasterCard for other spend also (but likely continue to use another AMEX) so that also means the 300 annual fee isn’t all for this purpose but it’d ben the major reason.

check the T&Cs of the card you’re interested in and ensure they will award you points for govt/ATO spend.

most do not, so just be careful & read the fine print before applying

Talk to your accountant and see if you can claim anything.

Also consider reward pay at 2.4%+gst for full point earn on your Amex.