How to maximise point earn for hotel stay purposes?


I have booked my flights on points now i need to book accommodation in Europe and was wondering which credit card is best to start earning points on so i can look at starting to get some free accommodation nights?

Thanks in advance

Hi Emma,

Credit cards in Australia that earn hotel points directly is quite limited, compared to USA.

There used to be a Macquarie card that earns Hilton points but doesn’t seem to be available for new applicants anymore.

Amex cards that earn Membership Reward (MR) points used to be a great avenue to earn SPG points indirectly and later Marriott points. However, the transfer rate to Marriott (merged with SPG) has changed in the last couple of months. 2 MR used to earn you 1 SPG or 3 Marriott points. The exchange rate is now 3 MR to 2 Marriott points. Still achievable but not as lucrative. MR may yield better value on premium flights.