How to make Qantas oneworld RTW redemption using frequent flyer points?

Hi, I’m looking at booking a RTW Ticket using 140,000 Qantas Freq Flyer Points.
I have read a recent article on Points Hack regarding this.
Could somebody please clarify the following for me:
. The article in Points Hack says you can fly a maximum of 35,000 miles. However, elsewhere I read 34,000 miles. Which one is correct. Can’t find any reference on Qantas FF site.
. If I include say a flight from Los Angeles to London and say it stops over in Houston. Does the mileage counted to the RTW Ticket include the total miles flown via say the longer route via Houston, or does the mileage accrued to the RTW Ticket get based on the direct route from LAX to LON?
. The recommendation in the Points Hack article is to use the Multi City Qantas booking engine rather than the One World RTW booking engine. Why is this so?
. And when I use the Multi City Qantas Booking engine, looking for classic flights using my Freq Flyer points, it keeps accumulating the points required and well and truly exceeds the 140,000 points required for a RTW trip that I am considering. When does the booking engine then reduce the points to 140,000 points required.

I hope somebody can help me with the above questions.



I’ve done it before on the multi city booking.

The total miles is for all segments including those not flown (i.e. if u fly into AU-LAX and out of JFK-Europe the lax-jfk segment counts towards total miles when you don’t fly it as part of the itinerary).

Keep in mind it must be oneworld carriers only, u can’t book Emirates segments as part of the explorer fare.

Don’t know if it’s 34k or 35k miles, sorry, can’t be bothered looking it up.

I used the oneworld RTW tool to find routes and flight numbers that suited me, then I called QFF to make the booking.

You can do a maximum of 5 segments, and any overland travel you do counts as a segment. You can’t fly ‘backwards’. Any layovers less than 24 hours don’t count as a segment. So my valid 140k QFF point RTW schedule is:

Sydney - Toronto  (via Dallas QF/AA flights)

Toronto - Philadelphia (AA)

New York JFK - Prague (BA)

London LGW - Sydney (via Hong Kong with Cathay)

Prague to London counts as a segment, even though I’m not flying.

Great value use of points.

Also you can fly ‘backwards’, provided you comply with all the other conditions.  I’ve just completed an itinerary of Australia->Japan->Europe->Hong Kong->Australia.

It is 35,000 miles. See the Qantas OW points table here (scroll all the way to the bottom):

The Qantas booking engine will automatically max out at 140,000 points provided you comply with the conditions – 5 stopovers; 2 open jaws; 2 OW airlines, etc. Remember Jetstar does not count as a OW airline.

Thank you so much for your replies.

The link was really useful. I did not appreciate all the “rules” before for the RTW Ticket. The Qantas site is quite difficult to navigate and read when on an iPhone. We are currently traveling.

We’re looking at doing something like Los Angeles-London- Johanasberg-Bangkok-Japan-Los Angeles.

Thanks again.