How to make a oneworld Qantas classic rewards RTW booking?

Hi everyone,
Thanks for you help. I’m new to this and trying to get my head around making a oneworld Qantas classic rewards RTW booking. I plan to be away for 6 weeks so preferably (or can’t) wait until my last flight booking opens otherwise my first flights will probably be gone. I will be booking 4 flights with 6 weeks from start to end.
I presume I grab the flights as soon as I can and then ring QFF and link them together to reduce the point numbers to RTW cost? How do I know that I will not be over the 280000 points for a RTW trip? Also what if I run out of points (280000) before I have made all the separate bookings?
Thanks again for your help. Just as well I am planning well in advance but it would take much longer without this site.

You can do this online yourself by using the ‘Multi-City’ Search Tool on the Qantas website. It is made as ONE booking for all your flights NOT separate bookings for each flight. Key in all your chosen city names and dates. A list of flight options will appear for each of your city pairs. Each time you select a flight, the points will have a running total until you have selected all your flights. If you have followed all the Qantas One World Classic Reward Rules, the points total will stay at 280,000. If it shows more than that, the most common problem is because you have either selected an Emirates flight (whilst a Qantas partner, it is not a member of the One World Alliance) or some of your ‘transfer’ cities have stays of more than 24 hours. Read this link for all the rules

You can change some of the flights after you have made the booking but it will cost you more points every time you do so. Hope this helps.

Yes, but you will be charged 6000 points (or $70) per person for phone assistance. You can try doing it online yourself. Since Qatar flies via Doha, try searching MEL-CDG as two separate legs and the Qatar flight options will show up. eg. Search MEL-DOH as one leg then DOH-CDG as another leg. Qatar Award seats are pretty hard to come by though. You can also try Cathay Pacific via Hong Kong. eg. MEL-HKG (CX178) then HKG-CDG (CX 279) with a transit time of less than 3 hours which is tight if the first flight is delayed. Alternatively, you can catch CX134 from Melbourne a day earlier (arriving HKG at 15:20, stay overnight at the Regal Airport Hotel in Hong Kong which is attached to the terminal, then catch CX279 at 09:50 the next morning. (This breaks up a long journey and is an allowable ‘less than 24 hour transfer’). Flying out of Hong Kong also means much less airport fees and taxes for the second leg.