How to keep track of point earn rates across multiple credit cards?

Hi Trying to think my way through the best way to keep track of the various earn rates and monthly limits so I can maximise my spending across a range of AMEX, bank issued AMEX and M/C and visa cards.

I have a piece of scrappy paper that I refer to but it isnt working that well for me.
Would love to hear ideas of how others work out which CC to use for transactions so to maximise points earned.


i have a peice of scrappy paper. written up as a table

I have two spreadsheets. One is for keeping track of both past and current credit cards with the following columns: Brand, Cost, Opened, Bonus points, Spend, Spent, Benefits and notes, Annual fee warning, Approx statement date and Closed. I use this to keep track of the important stuff and I use Google calendar on my laptop to set warnings and reminders. I have those synced to my phone.  The Benefits and notes section is where I list things like monthly points cap, insurances, earn rates etc. A very handy and easy to update file.

The second one is for keeping track of the different points we currently have accumulated and it’s complete with graphs. I love watching those spikes when you get bonus points! I update it often and I find it an incentive to chase more points.  This is a bit time consuming but hey, I’ve got the time :slight_smile:

I also use a spreadsheet but maybe not as elaborate as Bofman’s.

I use spreadsheets to:

  • shortlist credit card selection (copied data from Point Hacks Master Credit Card Table),
  • detail which credit card to use where,
  • list when to pay which credit card on which dates
  • Plan holidays, etc.
For remembering which cards to use (helpful for family members supp card holders too), write on stickers on different credit cards can help remind which card to use where. Practical but not everyone likes the look.

A hand written table works too if not comfortable with computers.