How to get Velocity bonus for Westpac Altitude without auto-redemption?

I have around 100k points sitting in my Westpac Altitude from my MasterCard and Amex Black cards and have two international trips coming up in February and March.

I was thinking of moving them across to my Velocity account and have taken advantage of 15% transfer bonus offers in the past however this time it seems the only option with Westpac is enabling the auto-redemption.

I wasn’t that keen on auto redemption as I like to keep them in Altitude and use them as I see fit.

I guess my question is, is there another way to get the current November 15% bonus with Westpac Altitude? Failing that, if I enable auto-redemption now to get the bonus can I switch it back off in a month or so without issue?

The full info on auto-redemption is here. I can’t see anywhere that you have to opt in for a minimum length of time, I believe you can opt in and out as you see fit but that should be checked with Westpac directly. The downside, as you can see, is that your whole balance needs to go over to Velocity with the next sweep to trigger the bonus.