How to get to Koh Samui with Velocity points?

Hi All,

I am researching for July 2023 and would like to pick up a couple of Business reward seats on Singapore Airlines to Koh Samui (USM)
The Velocity redemption site has reward seats to Bangkok and Phuket in Thailand listed flying Singapore air and Bangkok airways but not to Koh Samui where I would like to go.
Has anyone ever contacted the contact centre and booked a redemption to a non listed destination (in this case Samui)? Is this possible? TIA.

Unfortunately, Bangkok airways is not a Velocity Frequent Flyer partner so you can’t redeem your points on that flight. It seems Singapore Airlines themselves doesn’t fly to Koh Samui either so I’m afraid its not possible.

However, in general, if Singapore Airlines has flights to a particular destination not listed on the velocity website, you can call up to Velocity to book.


Hi @glenn6849

@djtech is right, as always, but there are maybe two tiny glimmers of hope for you.

First, SilkAir (which has now been absorbed into Singapore Airlines) did fly to Koh Samui, pre-pandemic. You can read an old review of the flight here. I last looked into it in 2018 but it seems that SilkAir discontinued the flights after that. Maybe as demand increases Singapore Airlines will resume their direct flights? There’d be no harm in checking every once in a while – you’ve got a bit of time on your side.

Second, if you do find yourself having to fly Bangkok Airways, be aware that they’re a partner of Qatar Airways. So if you could get your hands on some Avios, a points redemption is possible.


Thanks for your replies djtech and sixtyeight, much appreciated.

Further to the above, Is it possible to use Kris Flyer points with other Star Alliance partners eg Thai.
So use Kris Flyer points on Thai to fly to Samui.

Thanks in Advance.

Yes Krisflyer points can be used to redeem flights on all Star Alliance partners but not Velocity points.