How to fly from Melbourne to Koh Samui (or Kuala Lumpur/Singapore) with Qantas and Amex points?

Im new to points programs and have read the beginners guides, still looking for advice please.

I want to fly 2x Pax return from Melb to Koh Samui (USM) in may/June 2019, business class preferred.

I currently have 160,000 QFF points, gold status (soon to be platinum)
Also have 100,000+ AMEX Ascent points.

Ive tried using the QANTAS website to look at award availability, and there is some, but none of the flights look suitable (all during the day, i want to fly overnight to really enjoy the lie-flat beds)

I just read this article:
Seems like the emirates business class from melb to singapore could be a good option, but i couldnt see them on the QANTAS website (as the guide suggests)

Can i use my points to fly with other airlines like emirates, malaysia or singapore?
If yes, whats the best flights/way to redeem these points?

Hi Grodgersoz,

As far as I can tell there are no Oneworld airlines that fly into Koh Samui, so unless I’m wrong about that you won’t be able to use your Qantas points to fly all the way there. Your best bet is to use Qantas points to fly to one of the Asian destinations such as KL, Singapore, Bangkok, etc that has direct flights into USM, and then pay for that direct flight from there. You’ll need about 80,000-ish points for one person, one-way – less if you fly Qantas or Emirates. You’ll just have to keep looking until a reward flight turns up on a date you are happy with. Be patient, and flexible, and it will happen.

There’s one enticing possibility with your AmEx Ascent points, though. You say you have “100,000+” points. It takes 58,000 KrisFlyer points for a one-way business class flight from Melbourne to Koh Samui on Singapore/SilkAir, via Singapore. If you have 116,000 Ascent points, you could convert them to KrisFlyer. The Singapore flight ticks all the boxes for you – it’s an overnight flight from MEL into Singapore so you can enjoy that lie-flat experience!