How to get from Perth to Toronto using either Velocity or Qantas points?

I am looking at the best way to get from perth to toronto Canada using points. I have more qantas points than velocity. I though maybe Cathay Pacific via hong kong using qantas points might be the best and quickest.

Also if you are overseas and need to access an everyday card what is the best option

Thank you in advance


Having a look on skyscanner, the quickest way seem to be flying Qantas to USA (SFO, LAX, DFW) then onwards to Toronto.

Have a play on the website using multicity tool for Qantas and searching the individual legs on Virgin AU. It is a populat route (across the Pacific) so which ever way has seats available is a good way.

I personally use a Citibank Debit Card to withdraw from atm once I land at the airport. I use credit card as much as possible and minimise cash usage and withdrawal. If you use a creditcard, I use a no forex card or one that earns more points for oversea spend.

Mobile wallet generally gets you from the poor exchange rate. My way above gives me a rate pretty close to forex rate from say