How to earn signup bonuses via Amex Business credit cards?


Can someone please explain how the bonus points for business card works? I submitted an enquiry to Amex and had a chat with their business accounts manager and got more confused.

My understanding from that call was that if there were 3 company directors, and 2 had previously applied for a personal Amex card and obtained bonus points within the preceding 18 months, the third director who didn’t can still apply on the company’s behalf and get bonus points for sign-up. For smaller businesses, it isn’t hard to just ‘add’ a director. Can someone please confirm? So basically, you could rotate the 3 directors in applying for a card on behalf of the company.

The other question I had was, can I transfer my personal Qantas FF points in my account, into the business account? Reason being, personal cards and bonus points are a lot better value than business cards (as business cards have higher card fees). So we could potentially get individuals to sign up for cards, reimburse the expenses from the company, and transfer the points to the company account, which will be much more worthwhile than using business/corporate cards.

Thanks in advance.