How to earn bonus points when buying new glasses?

The time has come for me to order a new pair of glasses and I was wondering how I can get the most QFF points from doing so?
I’m estimating it will cost around $400 so I may as well try to earn points and will probably go to Specsavers, OPSM or another retailer. Also I’ll be paying with my DJ AMEX earning 0.75 QFF PPD on general spend.
I also have a Virgin Velocity account if that’s a better program to earn points in this case.

You’re in luck if you’re after non-prescription sunglasses: both the Velocity eStore and the Qantas Online Mall give you options for earning points from sunglass purchases (eg. via Sunglass Hut on the Velocity eStore).

If you’re after prescription glasses, the only option that I know of is to  use a points-earning credit card. OPSM used to have a partnership with FlyBuys which would indirectly earn FF points, but I think that partnership ended a year or two ago.