How to convert AMEX points to Qantas points?

Is there somewhere I can read / learn how to transfer American Express points to Qantas points to as to to book Emirates flights via Qantas Booking site.
Any help would be appreciated.

The only type of Amex points that can be transferred to Qantas points is if you are earning points from thr Amex Platinum or Centurion card. (2:1 ratio)

If you are not, there is an option to transfer to Emirates Skywards program (3:1 ratio)

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Thank you w.hiew very grateful for your reply - not want I wanted to read! but has the cogs turning.
Based on the cards I hold, I receive 1 point for $1 on AMEX, except at Woolies/Coles where I receive 3 points for $1 (with no spend limit).
With the three VISAs I receive either 1 point per $1.35 spend or 1 point per $1.50 spend (to an upper limit of $3K), then 1 point per $2.00 spend or 1 point per $3.00 (from the $3K limit to $6K) spend. So appears no advantage going over $6K on any one card.
I understand the transfer ratio 3:1 for Emirates Skywards, but with only 200K AMEX points currently - it is going to take forever, and then how easy is it to actually book a First Class flight (need 180K points one way) using Emirates website. It seems MUCH easier doing so via the Qantas site.
I have been favouring the AMEX, but it appears, I should go back to the (choice of) 3 VISAs (currently hold 200K points) as whilst point collection is lower, flight redemption is easier.
(Sadly I no longer wish to fly Qantas in the future).
Any advice - understand if this is not a question you are happy to answer.

Also it’s good practice to think in terms of airline points per $ spent. Bank points can be what ever it wants to be. What matters is how many airlines points you can earn.

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Sorry, yes I meant Qantas Points - all VISAs are linked.

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