How to close Velocity Global Wallet function on Velocity card?


Does anyone know if there is a way to close or cancel the Velocity global wallet function on my Velocity card?
It was handy for me whilst I was starting out in the points game, however I have now decided to use Qantas FF as my primary program, and have a a Westpac Platinum Amex / Visa card combo to earn points.
I don’t see any need to continue with the global wallet, and don’t want to be charged ongoing fees for not using it.
If I do travel in the future, I will likely just get a Westpac travel money card as I do most of my banking with them.

On another note, will you be doing a review on the new westpac/amex partnership “black” card?

Many Thanks,


You can phone them on 13 18 75 and request the card be cancelled. The following is a quote from their PDS.

20.4 You may ask for a Physical Card to be cancelled at any time, in which case a new Velocity Membership Card without payment functionality will be sent to you.


Thanks very much, I will give them a call.