How to check Qantas Classic Awards taxes & fees when you have insufficient points?

Lets say I have an award flight in mind that requires 256,000 points but I am sitting below that, how can I find out the actual fees and charges, and therefore whether this is a good burn of my points?

My approach is usually just to call Qantas and ask. You can also look at ITA Matrix and try and decode the fuel surcharges and taxes on a ticket and they will often be what’s applied… but not always.

This topic probably deserves a full guide…

Hi etrust,

My suggestion below won’t always work, but may help sometimes.  When it doesn’t work, I’d recommend what Keith suggests and just call Qantas.

I’m guessing that from the figure of 256,000 points you’re doing a return business class trip, maybe from Australia to Europe somewhere.

If you’re planning a return trip, try separating out the outbound and return legs and check them individually on Qantas website.

So first you can check the Aus - Europe leg in business class, which should be 128,000 points. You’ll then be able to proceed to the next booking page on their website which shows what the taxes and fees are (don’t worry, you won’t have committed to anything on this page).  Then cancel out of the first ‘booking’ and do the same thing for the return leg, Europe - Australia, and just add the fees together.  As far as I am aware (from doing this a number of times), there is no reduction in fees because you make a return booking.

Pricing individual sectors/legs through Qantas online has helped me many times to figure out value of miles redemptions.

Good luck!


Thanks Jack & Keith.