How to calculate the cost of QFF points when signing up for a credit card?


I’m looking out for my next Credit Card and with Xmas coming up, a new CC with sign on QFF points is in my sights.

Only just had a quick look.

I am eligible for a St. George Amplify Signature with 80K QFF points with $179 first year fee.

and if I calculate correctly 17900 / 80000 = ~$0.22 per point

I could probably make the 4k min spend in the first month if:

Are payments to the NSW RMS for car rego eligible towards min spend? not to worried about the about the accumulated points from cost of rego.



Hi Gadgets,

Two bits of good news and one bit of bad news. First, the good news:

  • You don't have 30 days to meet the $4000 minimum spend. You'll have 90 days.
  • Your calculations are incorrect. It won't cost $0.22 (22 cents) per point. Each point will cost 0.22 cents (ie. $0.0022).
And the bad news...
  • According to the card's terms and conditions, "government fees" are not counted as "eligible purchases", so no, paying for your rego won't count.
Hope this helps!



after reading some other questions and articles and reverse engineering the math, the card fee in dollar amount needs to be converted to cents - can be done before or after the division as long as its done once.

So $179.00 x 100 to make cents = 17900

17900 / 80000 = ~$0.22


$179 / 80000 = 0.0022 x 100 = ~$0.22

Can someone confirm this thanks.

As for the gov bills, I’ll easily make the $4k spend in 90 days.



Hi Gadgets,

I can confirm that your maths is incorrect. Sixtyeight is correct.

17900 cents / 80000 points = ~0.22 cents per point


$179 / 80000 points = ~$0.0022 per point
0.0022 dollars per point x 100 = 0.22 cents per point