How to buy a car on a credit card?


which card is best for buying a car and will treat this as a purchase and not a cash advance

options can include either personal or business

(and yes the idea is max points opp with this purchase)


I have done this twice… I’ve paid a $20,000 deposit with 2 separate cards. Simply asked the dealer finance guy if I could split it up. He was happy to oblige. It appears as regular transactions, not cash advances. Another time the private seller had a small business and I simply paid him via VISA. You need to look at what the points earn limits are per month to determine whether a single card is required or multiple cards. If your spending $5K and you have an ANZ Black Qantas VISA you’ll get 1 Point per $ spent up to $7.5K and then 0.5 points per $ after that. But if you’re spending $10K on a car you would do better to have 2 cards to split the payment across so you can earn maximum points. In general from my experience money is money to the dealer.

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