How to accumulate points in a Star Alliance Frequent Flyer program in Australia from credit card spend?

Is there a better way to accumulate star alliance miles rather than transferring from the diners mastercard to spg then onto aa?

Amex is the other option that I am aware of but not commonly used by myself

Firstly as explained in other answers, there’s no single Star Alliance points program.

Otherwise yes, Starwood transfers are possible from Diners and Amex Membership Rewards to KrisFlyer and to Starwood and onto other programs. Amex is more widely accepted than Diners as the main consideration in how to earn most points.

Your question is very odd. Are you asking about Oneworld or Star Alliance? Because you mentioned about transfer to SPG then to AA. AA is not Star Alliance, it’s Oneworld. I assume it’s typo and you meant UA?

MR to SPG then to UA is not recommended as MR to SPG is 2:1, and SPG to UA is 2:1 again. So effectively you are getting 1 UA point from every 4 MR, which makes it a very poor exchange rate. There are many other Star Alliance programs that can be transferred from SPG, such as Aeroplan with AC, ANA and Asiana are all star alliance partners and they all have very attractive redemption rates.

Other Star Alliance FFPs that can be transferred from MR without going through SPG includes KF with Singapore Air and Thai orchid plus with Thai airways. I would recommend KF over Thai as the redemption rate is a lot better.

There are many credit cards available in Australia that allows you to convert to KF, these include Westpac’s altitude reward, ANZ reward, St George’s Amplify reward, Citi reward. HSBC reward… Etc. also virtually every card that earns VA points (or can convert to VA points) can be converted to KF, so KF is the easiest Star Alliance FFP that can be earned on Australian credit card.

Other than KF, other ones that is possible with Australian credit card is Citi Prestige which can be converted to Thai Orchid Plus and Eva’s Infinity Mileage Land. But both have poor redemption rates. Do KF is still the best for credit card earn.

Fantastic. KF it is! clearly answered my question. Thankyou.

Fantastic. KF it is! clearly answered my question. Thankyou.