How strict is Amex with regards to the 18 month cooling period for signup bonus?

Hi guys - would appreciate your advice please.

I’m super interested in the current AMEX Velocity Platinum card for the 100K points on offer, but I read that you cannot have held a card within the previous 18 months.

I’ve previously had one of these (merely for the F/F points) but closed the account in August 2016, 17 months ago.

How anal are they with the 18 months??? Do you suggest I have a go and hope they don’t pick it up or hold off for the next round of offer(s)?? Or do you suggest I just simply find another card??

Would really appreciate your advice.


Hi maj29320,

I can’t comment on how strict they are but my take on this is.

18 mth is a long time to wait. So I wouldn’t want to wing it and apply without proper confirmation from Amex. If you can get a verbal or (even better) written confirmation from Amex on your eligibility for the signup bonus, you have something to fall back on. Last thing you want is to incur a new credit enquiry, applied for a card but not being eligible for the signup bonus (if the signup bonus is mainly what you are after).

The alternative is to try your luck and hope for the best. However, you have no case to argue if you don’t get the signup bonus. I don’t recommend this, personally.

Good luck.

How anal are they with the 18 months????
How anal do you reckon they should be for customers that are not loyal and just want to get the sign up bonuses,  run away and then repeat again.


Hey maj29320,

In my experience just recently applying for a Platinum Edge card I found that the sign-up offer applicability was entirely decided by computer. I applied for the card via my Amex login though which was entirely automated, so I dare say the process could be different depending on how you apply (phone, internet, paper form etc).

I had a problem during this application where the previous Amex card I held (and which I supposedly cancelled 2 years prior) was showing up as active in their system, so the computer decided that I was not eligible for the 30,000 MR points sign up bonus. It took a long phone call and an appeal case being raised to the marketing team but eventually I was awarded the points. Anyway, my point is that it’s likely a computer will decide whether you are eligible for the points or not so you will probably be instantly denied the offer if you apply normally.

I would recommend calling them (or emailing) and asking them nicely to waive the last few days off the eligibility based on what a great customer you are going to be for them and if they agree, then doing the application over the phone where you can make sure they will apply the bonus.

Good luck.