How strict are credit card providers with minimum income?

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I’m wondering if anyone has noticed how strict are credit card providers enforcing their minimum income? My income is about $500 less than required for a higher level card I’ve seen. Is it worth applying for this card, or going for the lower level which has far fewer sign up bonus points?


Following. My one is 2000-4000 less, just wondering is it’s worth applying.

Suggest you skip the middle person and just pick up the phone and call them, all situations are different, any advice here cannot be accurate.


jackbauer, I agree to the general logic.

However, I can also foresee what response you would get. They will just tell you the official info. These phone agents are generally been given a predetermined script and are not allowed the liberty of making judgement calls. Even if the minimum credit limit is 50k and your salary is 49950, they have to say you are not eligible 90% (minimum) of the time over the phone. You might or might not have better luck if dealing with an actual person at a branch.

So I see a few options, try your luck and apply regardless, OR try calling and asking, OR walk into a branch and apply.

Good luck. Sorry if my comments were not the most helpful.


Good question. I’ve been well under the income level for a number of cards that I’ve applied for and been successfully in getting.

My credit rating is in the “excellent” rank plus most cards will ask for the $$$ of your assets and partner income. I found AMEX to be the most lenient of all the card providers.

I wouldn’t really recommend calling them as they will just say what’s on the terms and conditions.

It’s really up to you if you risk it or not. Personally I have done it a number of times (applying for cards that I’m way under the annual income) and I’ve been successfully. You just don’t want to apply for a few and get knocked back as it will effect your credit rating.

Good luck


I get fortnightly payslips and can work overtime. I did a stack of overtime just after Christmas and was able to get a Citi Prestige Visa card when my annual income was well under the threshold for that product by using the two payslips that showed me earning the really juicy coin from all that overtime.

But I had to appeal their decision a couple of times to get the application to go through because they originally knocked me back…

Hopefully that’s of some use.

Thanks all for your replies. I did consider ringing but as others have suggested I am not confident in the answer I will likely receive.

I applied for the card today. My latest payslip had YTD income above the required income (due to bonuses ect). I will let you know how it goes.

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Hi @jth,

How did you end up going?