How soon should I reapply for an Amex card after a rejection?


My wife recently applied for an AMEX card but was declined in OCt 19 as she had a StGeorge card with 15k limit as well.
Now that that card is cancelled and she has no other debts, what is the likelihood of approval now?


All anyone can say is that, all things being equal, the likelihood of her being approved has risen. Only AmEx can say whether it’s good!

When I was declined an AmEx card some years ago, they told me to wait six months before applying again. I did, and the second application was successful. However you might like to check whether AmEx still has that six-month rule. That would mean that she shouldn’t apply again until at least April.

One other thing your wife could do to increase the likelihood of a successful application is to apply for a lower credit limit than $15,000. Only she can say whether she needs another card with that high a credit limit, but I suspect she does not (given she has already cancelled one). Applying for the minimum credit limit will maximise her chances of approval.

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