How soon should I be reapplying for the same credit card that I cancelled a previous application for?

Hi All,
back in Feb my partner decided to apply for the ANZ Frequent Flyer Platinum. Somehow took way longer than usual and seveal phones call back and forth with ANZ representative. Eventually after more than a month she decided to cancel the application, we started the process of buying a house in the meantime so we were more focused in not hurting the credit score for the loan.
Checking her credit score today we can see 2 different enquiries fot the same card (Feb and March), we are not sure why, possibly ANZ submitted the request twice due to missing paper and stuff, but we never finalised the account.
Said so, we would like to know if re-applying for the same card now, would affect the possibility to get the bonus Qantas point or if those 2 old applications will avoid the promo.
Thanks in advace :slight_smile:

Hi @Rasics82

As you can see from the screenshot below from the ANZ Frequent Flyer Platinum application page, it’s opening a new card account which affects your ability to get the bonus points. Applying for a card 8 months ago won’t stop you from getting the bonus points.

You should be good to go. All the best!