How much is the signup bonus for Amex Explorer via referral link?

Regarding the current generous bonus points on offer of 100,000 bonus points for Explorer card…
If applying online directly, it is clear- providing applicant is approved and meets the minimum spend criteria, the points are their’s.

My confusion is with the Refer a friend that states that the successful Applicant gets 60,000 points on meeting the minimum spend.

Am I correct that the Applicant is only entitled to the 60,000 or in fact 100,000.
It would seem unreasonable to disadvantage a friend so that the existing card member gains.

My question is- does the applicant receive the 60,000 or 100,000 points if being referred?

Your comments would be greatly appreciated, as I have been unable to get a clear answer from American Express. It seems the answers go both ways!


Hi Vivian,

The referral and public application link are both 100k points. Amex haven’t update some of the referral wordings but if you click through the referral link, it will show 100k points.

Hi Warren,

Many thanks for your valuable advice. I am actually the card holder, but have not received my new card yet, (just approved) but am planning ahead. I know I can genuinely help some of my friends to a better card. At the moment I am unable to click through the referral link. Of course I would never want to knowingly disadvantage my friends…

It is a big shame that I have asked the same question several times to Amex and have received 50/50 answers from people that sounded quiet sure of the rules, who were in fact giving me the incorrect answer. It made no sense, and defeats the spirit of a friend referral to actually cheat them of points.

Thanks again,