How many Macquarie Reward Points does it costs to redeem a $50 grocery gift card?

Hi there - I am in the process of reviewing credit cards with the view to applying.

I’d spend approx $5K per month on purchases and generally pay off the debt before interest is applied. Rewards are high on my priorities list.

To assess what’s on the market I look at points per $ spend, bonus points offered, annual fees and additional cardholder fees. In order to quantify the value of the points I consider each vendors rewards program, specifically the amount of points required to redeem a $50 grocery card. My experience shows that the cost of these can vary between 9,000 to 18,000 points and this makes a substantial difference when calculating the points value.

My question relates to the Macquarie Black with Macquarie Reward Points card. I have not been able to determine the amount of points required to redeem a $50 grocery card. I spend 3/4 hour on the phone yesterday talking to a call centre and they could not provide me with the correct information.

There are some examples in their online literature, but these are well dated. Are you able to provide any additional information?

Ordinarily, I wouldn’t pursue this option, however the signup bonus and the annual points are looking pretty good if the cost of the $50 gift card sits at approx. 11,500 points.

Any help you could provide would be appreciated



I think your $50 gift card at 11,500 points looks about right. I found this article

Are you aware though that your point value for these types of redemption is less than .4 of one cent. Good point value is more in the 3 to 5 cents per point e.g. a Qantas business class flight costing $2000 costs 37000 points = 5.4 cents/$

Food for thought?