How long will it take for the Westpac bonus points to hit my account?


Can you please tell me how long it takes for the points to hit the card. I was successfully approved for the card and spent the required $5,000.00 within the 90 days yet the total point balance is only what I have spent/earned. I am still waiting on the bonus points to hit the account. As this wasn’t a Westpac offer they are unable to help. Can you please tell me how long it takes and if there is any confirmation you can provide.
I’ve noticed that you don’t have any direction contact numbers for further assistance only this area. Please supply a contact number for customer assistance. I would like to speak to a team member.

Cat-Taylor im in the same boat as you. Unfortunately I think we have been scammed!\r\nIve spoken to westpac and there is nothing they can do as its a third party offering the bonus points but westpac cant say who the third party is.\r\nAlso the card and deal has magically disappeared from point hacks website today. Hmmmmm something fishy is going on.

To be 100% transparent, the link has been removed today temporarily because Westpac are having issues with their online banking systems. As an advertising partner we were asked to temporarily halt any activity around their products, we expect this be back up and running later today or over the weekend.

As for their comment that it is a third-party offering the bonus points, that completely confuses me - a really odd response. A third party that is not the bank can’t know that you have applied for a card and hit the minimum spend. \r\nRegardless, see my fuller response below for anyone having issues with this offer.

Yes Keith I am aware of that, both Westpac and St George have had IT issues over the past few days. However your reply does not answer my original question. I find it extremely unprofessional that you only seem to answer when someone questions the authenticity of the site.

I’ve published a longer response and some contact details below.

Hey @cat-taylor - thanks for the question. The terms and conditions for this offer state are as follows:

The bonus Qantas or Altitude Points will be credited to your points balance in two increments - 50,000 and then 50,000 - within 60 days after the eligible spend criteria being met.

So you’ll need to wait it out, unfortunately.

As for the response from Westpac that this isn’t a Westpac offer, it’s really frustrating to hear that they are still having issues when people try to contact them to verify this offer for their cards. We are promoting their offer on their behalf, and as stated around the site receive commissions for doing so. But they are responsible for it’s fulfilment - we don’t have any control over how and when the points get credited, and the communication around this offer from Westpac has been troublesome.

The only thing I can say is that our doors are open to help anyone who has issues with Westpac and fulfilment of this offer - we’ll need to work with you personally, but you can email us at and we’ll do everything we can to help.