How long does Westpac sign up bonus take to be credited?

Was wondering if anyone has recently signed up and received the Westpac welcome points? If so, how long between reaching the target did it take for the points to get to your account?

Hi @dragonfury101

I signed up for a Westpac Altitude Velocity credit card about 5 months ago and from memory the points came fairly quickly after I reached the target – I don’t think I even needed to wait until the end of the statement period. I wasn’t counting at the time, but I think it was less than a week after I reached the spending target.

I hope the same happens for you!

thanks for the reply.
I’m waiting on the points for bonus club, so hoping the hit before the end of the year.

I have found that historically, Westpac credit the bonus QANTAS points fairly quickly. This time around we hit the 4k spend on the first statement (big ticket item) and the 70k bonus was there on the first statement and in our QFF account.

Think I was just short for the first month for the total i.e. I think it was the annual fee that ticked it over the minimum. Month ended on the 16th. Have since used it for additional purchases, that are well over the required minimum. As well as repaid first months account. But still waiting on acknowledgement of hitting the target or receiving the points.

Ended up talking to the WBC points team.
There has been some issue where it hasn’t registered my account meeting the quota. Further to this, they said that any bonus points would simply be credited at the end of the monthly cycle.