How long does the Aeroplan status that comes with the HSBC Star Alliance card last?

Hi all
I received Aeroplan plan 50k gold status in Aug 2023 via the HSBC credit card promotion but I appear to have lost it as of sometime in late 2023. I understood it would last for the remainder of 2023 and all of 2024. Can anyone comment on this? I have tried to call Aeroplan but haven’t gotten through so far and have sent them an email but no response yet.
Thanks in advance.

It should last for the rest of the calendar year, and for the next calendar year, assuming you have kept the card open. If you close the account, then it may be removed.

@djtech any further thoughts since your earlier post?

Since your response to my earlier post, I seem to have lost aeroplan gold status after closing the hsbc card :frowning:

Some people have reported that their Aeroplan status is lost after closing the card so it seems there has been some communication between HSBC and member airlines on that front. Not sure what I responded previously, but best updated knowledge right now is that @oz_mark is correct - your status will follow the usual rules on how long it should last PROVIDED that your card remains open.