How long does it take for Amex Velocity bonus points to come through?

Hi there - I’m just attempting to meet the $3k spend requirement to trigger 100k bonus points with the Amex Velocity Platinum card.

Let’s assume my card account was activated on 1st January. If I meet the $3k spend on 10th January, when is the earliest I can expect the bonus points to land in my Amex account?

And secondly, I applied via a referral link. On the same basis, when can my referrer expect to see the referral bonus come through?



Hi Ben

AmEx is very prompt with crediting the points.

Your referrer should get the points credited as soon as your card is approved. You should receive the 100k points the day after you reach your min spend of $3000.

One of my colleagues applied for the AmEx Velocity on Jan 5th using my referral link and I received the referral bonus on Jan 7th.


I hope that is the case. My referrer contacted Amex and was told that the referral has been confirmed but can take 8-10 weeks to come through on their account!

Under promise and over deliver is fairly common for major organisations.

We signed up for the platinum card in Sept 19 and we didn’t receive our points until the start of the following month.


Hi everyone. Just a follow up on this topic. So the 100k bonus points came through pretty much within a couple of days of meeting the spend. HOWEVER - the points don’t sweep across from my Amex account to my Velocity account until a predetermined date (it happens on the same day each month). I called Amex and they told me they couldn’t manually push the points over. So I’ll have to wait until the auto-sweep occurs next month. A minor inconvenience admittedly.

As for the 40k referral bonus, that came through a couple of weeks after I started using my card.