How frequently can I apply for credit cards for bonus points offers without doing too much harm to my credit rating?

have had my ANZ Platinum Frequent Flier card for 10 years. Would there be any damage to my credit rating if every 2 years I swapped to different banks in order to take advantage of the 100,000 bonus points offers that seem to be going around. Our intention is that my partner does the same too. we pay off our balance every month. Main question: is there any harm switching cards every 2 years?
In one post I read that Keith of Point hacks Over the course of around 18 months, I signed up for no more than 3 new cards – and did so knowing that I would have a very good chance of being approved as I had no other recent applications on my credit record.


Unfortunately, PointHacks is not allowed to give personal financial advice. Everyone’s personal circumstances is different. E.g. for some individuals it may be not detrimental to apply 3+ cards a year but it is bad for another individual to apply just one.

You could check your credit score at and and keep track of your score before, after and between applications.

Hope that helps.

Thank you so much for a really great answer. Will look at those sites and see how we rate! (and then weigh up worth the potential value of the points!)

The answer to your question is that it will most likely lower your credit rating but the real question is. Will that be a problem?

As someone who has had a total of 10 credit cards in the last two years the answer has a lot to do with your circumstances. If your only future plans are to churn cards for bonus points the consequences of a lower score will mean you may eventually be refused on an application. You can then just lay off for a while until it recovers.

If you are planning to take out a home loan or personal loan then having one of these refused because of a lower credit rating may be a lot more problematic.

I am in the former  position and despite my credit score getting as low as the mid 500’s I keep getting approved.