How does the current AMEX Platinum signup bonus compare with previous promotions?

Just wondering how generous the current 250k points and $500 credit the AMEX Platinum card has in comparison to previous offers and if you think a bonus like it will come up again later this year? Looking to get one of the cards but could happily hold out a couple of months, but willing to get it now if the sign up bonus is worth it.

Hi @PoorTravels22

I can see a sign-up bonus of 300000 MR points and a $500 cashback when you spend $5000 in the first 3 months (I believe this is a public offer - I tried in a Incognito window).

I can think of an offer that had a sign-up bonus of 350000 MR points (not sure if cashback was included). I cannot say if that offer will return or not.

Its always a dilemma while signing up to these offers but think of it this way - the sign-up bonus already increased by 50000 points than you thought and you can start earning points as soon as you get the card instead of waiting for a better offer. With AmEx, you won’t feel left out rewards-wise. You can even refer your partner/friend/colleague and earn the referral bonus points. Always consider your personal fiancial situations, consult your accountant/financial-advisor before applying for any credit cards.