How does the ANZ Rewards Travel Adventures card bonus 80,000 Velocity points get posted?


I signed up for the ANZ rewards travel adventures card recently (March 10th) immediately got approved and now have my card.

The 80,000 velocity points bonus had finished at ANZ but Point Hacks were offering an extension of this till the 14th March if signed up through there website, which i did.

My question is how do i get the points once i have meet the requirements? - Does ANZ rewards apply them or do they know that i joined through the point hacks website?

Any info on the above would be appreciated!


It’s a bit of a convoluted process. Here’s what will happen:

  1. Once your application is approved and you receive your card, you’ll need to activate it. If you’re not already an ANZ customer, this will probably involve you going into a branch with your 100 points of ID.

  2. Within a couple of days of the card being activated, you’ll receive an email from ANZ rewards with a link to the ANZ rewards website and a promo code. Follow the instructions on the email for signing up to ANZ rewards, entering the promo code and providing your Velocity number.

  3. Within a couple of weeks after you meet the $1500 minimum spend, you’ll receive another email from ANZ Rewards, stating that “Your 80,000 bonus Velocity points will be credited to your Velocity Frequent Flyer account in the next 2 months.”

I hope this helps!

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@sixtyeight. Good day, mate.

Do you need to enter the promo code to be eligible? I don’t recall entering that. :disappointed_relieved:

Hi Warren,
I’ve just dug up the email from ANZ Rewards. It says in part, “Enter your Velocity ID and your unique promo code to earn your Velocity Points”.

Then in the fine print at the bottom: “The bonus Velocity Frequent Flyer Points will be credited to your Velocity account within two months of ANZ receiving your Velocity Frequent Flyer account number and unique promotional code (supplied to the customer from ANZ once approved for the ANZ Rewards Travel Adventures card) and the eligible spend criteria being met within three months of approval (whichever comes later)”.

So it looks like you need to enter the promo code, but you can enter it at any time.

The good news is that, from my dealings with ANZ Rewards staff, they are helpful and knowledgeable. I’d give them a call on 1300 367 763.

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No worries, I will give that a quick check. Always trickier when it’s in my better half’s name/acct. :grin: Thanks for the quick response.

You might also be interested to know that just a couple of hours ago my 80,000 points came through – about 12 days after I met the $1500 spending criteria. So that’s not too bad. It’s certainly a lot less than “within two months”!

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Thanks Mate, the Email came through a couple of days after receiving the card like you said. process very easy from there.

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Hi guys . we got 2 cards, wide and I , both spent the money got the points 2 days later. I got the tickets and lounge passes in mail after asking. All good under 1 month from application , will keep this card its handy. Not a points earner, but good overseas.

Didn’t receive the 80,000 points!
I applied for this card via Point Hacks but no sign of the points.
So, am I being ripped off?

Did you receive an email after meeting the minimum spend? I recall there is a link you need to click to kick start the process.

Subject line is “Hi [insert First Name], ready to start earning more ANZ Rewards points?”