How does one add an infant to a Krisflyer redemption flight?

We are flying from Rome to Athens then on to Santorini returning to Athens. We tried to use our Krisflyer miles to book flights on Aegean Airlines.There are 4 adults and one child 14 months old. We booked 4 adults and then were told we had to contact Aegean to add the child. They responded that they can’t add a child without an adult and referred us back to Singapore Airlines. What is the policy for infants on laps? Thank you for your help.

Hi dunbro,

As far as I know, if you used Krisflyer to redeem seats for an adult. You need to contact Krisflyer to add an infant seat. Usually it costs ~10% of an adult “cash” fare.

If you got a dud KF agent, thank them, hang up and call again.

Good luck.

Hi, Thank you for the info. We had to cancel one adult seat and pay $100 to reinstate our points. Now have to book through Aegean Airlines direct and pay for an adult and infant.

The fact that we were told by Singapore Airlines in the first place that we had to book the infant through Aegean Airlines direct makes it harder to accept.