How do you receive the ANZ Rewards signup bonus?

How do you claim the 80,000 points. I signed up using the points hack link but there was no option to enter my velocity number. I have spent the minimum and received a statement but no mention of velocity points or bonus velocity points.

Meet the minimum spend then… check velocity after the billing cycle… they will appear on the velocity side as  a bonus…have patience my friend

So they can give you velocity points even though you never provide your velocity number in the application for the card?

According to a friend I asked, they send you an email with a promo code to claim the 80k Velocity points.

At ANZ now and trying to get them to check you’ve done everything correctly is like pulling teeth. I’m new to this and just paranoid I won’t get the points.

Call ANZ Rewards on 1300 367 763. ANZ Rewards has a separate number and staff and I think you’ll find they’ll be much more helpful than the ANZ bank staff.