How do I add an infant to a Singapore Airlines points redemption booking?


I’m having a bit of trouble tracking down a means to add an infant to a booking. I have a baby due very soon and am hoping to travel to the UK via Singapore when it will be 6 months or thereabouts. I have enough Velocity points to transfer to Krisflyer to redeem two Premium Economy tickets, and perhaps even business later this year. As the baby is not yet born, how and when would you add them to the booking and would anybody have any idea how much extra that would cost, assuming I paid the fare in points and taxes.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi Mick,

Congratulations on the bub.

On Velocity redemptions, infant (under 2) travel for free. On Krisflyer redemptions, infant fare is approx. 10% of a cash fare (paid with $).

For Krisflyer, you can redeem for adult seat(s) 1st and then ring up at a later stage to pay for infant seat (no rush as availability for bub is not an issue as they don’t get a separate seat). Bub ticket will tack on to an adult ticket.

Not 100% sure bout Velocity but I reckon it would be similar (ringing up for bub).

Personally, I would go with Velocity to minimise out of pocket costs however, availability may be an issue and you may have better luck with Krisflyer and coughing up for bub fare.


I did as per the other reply, booked 2x adult J on KF, called up to add infant ticket later.

Don’t get caught out like I did though, make sure you book a return reward fare for the adults, if you book 2x one way, you’ll need to buy 2x one way infant fares which is somewhat more expensive (I learnt the hard way, ouch).

I would try the velocity route first, check availability for the SQ flights you want there first, if available you can add the infant at near zero cost.

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