How difficult is it to cancel credit cards?

I am new to this, having always had the same credit cards ( Visa & Amex) for years now. How difficult is it to cancel our current cards so I can signup for new ones?

this site cannot give individual financial advice. applying for new cards (successful or not) has a negative impact on your credit rating. you need to consider this based on your current rating and whether you are looking to apply for a loan soon.

Thanks Mark,

What I meant was: I don’t wish to end up with multiple cards. Is it difficult to cancel our current ones e.g. paper work etc?


I don’t think we’re being asked for financial advice at all here??

Some banks are very easy to cancel, you can do it over the phone, in person, online etc. Others can be more painful, eg “it must be in writing” or “you’ll need to speak to a member of our retention team first”. Your experience is likely to be different from others’ even with the same bank.

Perhaps the biggest thing is they may try to prevent you from cancelling by offering all sorts of deals so you might want to reconsider your plans to cancel, but with not much time to consider the deals you’re being offered.

I’ve had no difficulty cancelling cards. The easiest way with bank credit cards is via their online mail and be sure to request written confirmation of the closure date. I’ve also personally gone into the bank and arranged closure.