How can I earn points through BPAY payments?

I have just realised that my citi card will lose the ability to earn Qantas FF points via BPAY end of month payments shortly.

Ummm, How else can I pay the card so the payments become eligible? I wondered if I simply withdraw cash and make a payment though the bank? Or use the Postoffice.

I looked at switching to HSBC, but see they also do not allow BPAY payments to earn FF points.


I’m sure there are lots of people with the same question with all the current changes.

Have a look at this post from about three months ago  It’s obviously a little out of date but a good place to start.


Hi downunder,

I suspect you’re confused about the change. The citibank change is saying you won’t earn points on any BPAY transactions you pay FROM your citibank Credit card. Ie if you use your citibank CC to pay a bill via bpay you used to earn points for that payment. Now you won’t :frowning:

It has nothing to do with how you pay your citibank CC off. You can still use Bpay to pay your citibank CC off from your bank account. The purchases you made will earn points regardless of how you chose to pay your CC off.

Hope that helps.