How best to compare transfer rates from credit card points to frequent flyer programs?

I have already obtained an American Express Platinum Edge credit card because of the research on this site and I am very happy with it. For lots of different reasons, the only rewards that I am interested in is for transfer to Krisflyer which I am a PPS member of.

The thing is, American Express is not accepted everywhere so I am looking at a MasterCard or Visa to supplement it. I am thinking that the Westpax Black Altitude best fits my needs but I am trying to work out what an Altitude point is worth in Krisflyer points in order to compare to my AMEX points. On here, it states that it is transferred at 1.5 points per $ spent, on Westpac’s site is states that it is 2 altitude points to a Krisflyer mile.

Is there a table where it is shown the points one program gets in a transfer to a FF point? I understand it shouldn’t be $ based as $1 spent somewhere will earn different points elsewhere.

Thanks in advance, Copwahn.

Hey Copwahn,

It’s a bit buried (I’ll be addressing that in a future update to the site) but there’s a frequent flyer points conversion calculator right here.

You should find that the same calculator is also included in some of the credit card guides on the site too to make understanding the card program easier, so if you see a similar thing within the guide, that’s what it is.