How are the referral bonus points for the Amex Platinum Velocity calculated?


About 3 months ago I used the referral link on this site to apply for a Amex Platinum Velocity Card which said it gave me 110,000 bonus points for applying. This was at the time of the 100,000 bonus points offer for new members.

I was of the understanding that I would get the 100,000 points for new members AND the 110,000 for applying through the referral link. Amex says the 110,000 is inclusive of the 100,000 for new members. I can’t find the t&cs for the referral to check this.

Can anyone shed light on whether the referral link is in addition to or inclusive of the new member sign up (i.e. should I get the 110,000 or 210,000 points)?



You get 110,000 and your referrer also gets a bonus

Yes, as per @jbman, the referral bonus was 110,000 for the applicant and 20,000 for the referrer.

Thanks for clarifying.

Would be to good if it was a combined 210,000 :smiley:

Any idea if they will still offer the 110,000 points? I know they have 50,000 points and 80,000 with referral but wanted the original deal!