Having trouble booking Malaysia Airlines flights using Qantas Points

Hi Keith,

I’m trying to book a one way trip on MH using Qantas points. Award Nexus says there is a seat (British Airways OW search). Got on the Qantas website and it’s not there (in fact no MH flights are listed).

Rang Qantas, they said they can’t see anything. Rang MH, they confirmed there were ‘plenty’ of (Enrich) award seats for that flight and date.

So, am I missing something here? Is it possible that the award seat is only available for Enrich and not QFFP? I’m looking at 5 months out so I would have thought all available seats would be available to all OW members by now?

Thanks for your help.

I think is a relatively common issue with Qantas - firstly Malaysia Airlines flights don’t display in the Qantas.com classic award search engine, and then agents don’t seem to know how to find availability. If BA is showing it, then Qantas should be able to book it (to my knowledge).

I’ve had the same experience with Japan Airlines awards as well.

I think the only tactic is to try again until you get someone who can find it. Using the old ‘I was talking to your colleague an hour or two ago who found seats on flights XYZ’ line sometimes might help them dig further.