Has there been a regulation change on card providers offering retention bonus in 2019?

Has anyone else come up against the new law changes effecting the way they do certain things with credit cards ? As many others I am guessing I would call up every year on card anniversary and tell them i was going to close the card and they would generally give me around 70 thousand qantas points to keep the card going.

Anyway this year they said they can’t do that any more. And i have to go through with actually shutting down the card all the way to card close to see what points are available. They said this is due to some law change.

Is this accurate or are they just sick of giving points away so they change their internal rule. ?

Amex qantas Ultimate card .

There’s been a law change. It is now illegal for card issuers to offer inducements or to try to change a customer’s mind if they call to cancel their card. In my opinion it’s not a bad law, but an unfortunate side-effect for point hackers is that annual fee waivers and point inducements are now a thing of the past. If you call to cancel your card, they’ll cancel your card.

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