Has anyone's AMEX Platinum SPG/Marriott Gold been downgraded to Gold Elite from Platinum Elite?

With amex platinum perk I matched my SPG Gold to Marriott Gold, when the change over happened it was Platinum Elite on my Marriott account but still Gold Elite on my SPG account and then as of today both have been downgraded to Gold Elite?

Did anyone else have this issue?

I would think that the higher account would be honored?

The same thing happened to me.

The Amex reward was always to SPG Gold (emphasis deliberate).  That there was a temporary status match to Marriott Gold (with different benefits) was lucky.  If you look on the Amex Platinum benefits page now, the elite status is specifically shown as Gold.


Official word is. If your Marriott Gold is matched from SPG Gold, you will only get new Marriott Gold. If you qualified for Marriott Gold from stays, you will get Plat status for the rest of the year.

Getting Plat is a ‘glitch’. I had it for a few days. Now, I couldn’t even log into my Marriott acct. I will have to call if the problems sticks.